Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fly, Robin, Fly

Whoever said inspiration comes in the strangest forms was right. I was reminded of this the other day as I was rushing to make an engagement on an unexpected busy Saturday. Stuck in traffic on NY Avenue (and for my fellow D.C. commuters, you KNOW how that can be), I was relieved when--after waiting at least 25 minutes to move a quarter of a mile--I was able to pick up speed again and make up for lost time. Then it happened: I had to slow down again because a tiny bird had decided to teeter totter out into the far right lane to examine a scrap of discarded food. And without much thought, I yelled out at my innocent, feathered friend, "Really bird? You're gonna walk when you can fly?!" It didn't take the bird long to realize the scrap of bread wasn't worth losing its life for and it indeed decided to spread its wings and soar on to find what I hope was food in a safer environment. But my own "rant" gave me pause as I sat idle at the next stop light and thought: How many of us are walking when we're built to fly?

I began to ponder this even more while watching a recent episode of "Mary, Mary," the reality show, which follows the gospel singing duo's life in and out of the spotlight. Most recently celebrated for their latest hit, "Walking" (I know, the irony), sister Erica Campbell has begun to share her desire to take her career to the next level; to reach platinum status--even if that means leaving behind her sister, Tina Campbell, who seems to prefer a more relaxed schedule that will be sacrificed by chasing something greater. Once on the same page of how and what level of success they wanted to achieve, this new proverbial fork in the road for them has resulted in numerous arguments, breakdowns in communication, hurt feelings, and stress. It may make for good TV, but if anyone has been in this predicament, it does not make for a happy life.

And thus that begs the question: how many of us have been--or are--in that predicament? Be it a job that is not allowing you to grow to your full potential; a relationship that does not allow you to be your best self; friendships that keep you stuck in a routine rut; or even family relationships that force you to hide your true light as not to ruffle feathers, are you walking when you should be flying? Are you compromising when you should be challenging? Are you settling when you should be soaring? Are you refusing when you should be accepting? Try to fool yourself all you want, but praise be to our higher selves, our souls always know the difference. And if you're quiet enough to hear it ask, "What are we doing here?"--wherever that "here" may be--honor yourself enough to know, as the old folks say, "If God put a new dream in your heart, He's already given you what you need to realize it." Then begin figuring out how to make that dream a reality starting today! (see previous blog post, "Are You Missing the Parade?")

Let's stop merely wandering in search of whatever "scraps" will sustain us for the moment, much like that tiny bird. Let's not risk losing our true selves (or even our lives) before we realize our true potential, much like that tiny bird. And let's be reminded of our capacity to spread our wings and fly...yes, much like that tiny bird.